Acne Rosacea

Acne Rosacea is most commonly found in adults who are fair-skinned with red colored hair, and often mistaken as a form of acne.  Rosacea is identified by the reddish discoloration in the cheeks, nose and forehead.  The tiny blood vessels dilate under the skin and give the appearance of “Blushing”.  Pimples may be present in acne rosacea but there are usually no blackheads or whiteheads.  Initially the redness may come and go, but if left untreated it will gradually get worse with pimples and permanent flushing of the face.  In extreme cases none treatment of acne rosacea can lead to disfigurement of the nose and puffy cheeks.  Acne rosacea can also cause gritty feelings in the eyes that if left untreated can lead to impaired vision.  The only known cure for acne rosacea in these extreme cases is cosmetic surgery.

Acne Rosacea can appear in both women and men, although women do tend to get Acne Rosacea more often, Men tend to have more severe symptoms.

Causes of Acne Rosacea have not been identified although many suggestions include:

Changes to the weather may cause acne rosacea
Over exposure to sun may worsen the symptoms
Insect bites or bacteria may cause initial breakouts of acne rosacea
Emotional encounters that cause blushing and embarrassment may trigger acne rosacea
Some medical treatments for vasodilator heart conditions may cause acne rosacea

Treatments for Acne Rosacea are few and far between.  Unfortunately Acne Rosacea is not the same as teenage acne and will not respond to over the counter treatments.  Some treatments are in fact likely to cause even more irritation and discomfort and can worsen the condition.

The most successful treatments for Acne Rosacea are:

Topical Cream – This is applied liberally to the affected area at regular intervals.  This cream will usually contain antibacterial ingredients in conjunction with Cortisone or other prescription acne medication.

Oral Antibiotic – A strong oral antibiotic that gradually decreases to maintenance level

To minimize the effects of Acne Rosacea and the irritants that can cause more extreme conditions avoid/moderate the following: Alcohol consumption, Spicy Foods and over exposure to the Sun.



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