Acne in Adults

Having acne is seen to be normal in most teenagers but developing acne as an adult can be an alarming occurrence. 

Acne can be caused by a hormonal unbalance and unfortunately this can occur at different times as we mature through life.  Hormonal changes can be caused by birth control, pregnancy or menopause but don’t think that adult acne is just limited to women.  Men can also too be affected by sudden outbursts of adult acne.  This is because acne can be caused by the androgens (an oil producing gland located under the skin) and these are a male hormone that everyone has.

When our hormones begin to act up the androgens begin to produce a surplus of oil that clogs up in the hair follicles of our skin.  This is where bacteria can settle overtime we then we see the acne begin to flourish.

Diet and cleanliness can greatly affect the development of acne. Eating large quantities of foods that contain high fat levels and sugar levels will not help with the appearance of acne, also caffeine can worsen acne and delay the healing of affected areas.  Keeping the affected areas of skin clean and grease free are another great way of eliminating the effects (these are also free).  Regular bathing in ph neutral soap and warm water keep the skin clean and reduce the risk of the acne getting worse.

With the many products available on the market and the constant advertising on TV, it is hard to decide which product may be best to help you with your acne problem.  It is always best to contact a dermatologist who, not only can give you the best advice, but can also prescribe medication that if needed can be tailored to your own specific requirements. 

As skin types between individuals can vary so dramatically, everybody responds differently to treatment. Ignoring an acne problem is not going to make it go away.  There are many safe ways to reduce the appearance of acne and remember you are not alone.  Many adults suffer from acne, and better still, many have managed to stop the acne and live an acne free life!


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