Back Acne

Acne is by far becoming more common in both teenagers and adults alike.  When thinking of acne people usually think of facial acne, this is only because this is where acne is most noticeable.  Unfortunately, as many acne sufferers know, other areas of the body can be affected by acne, not just the face.

Acne can also occur on the back and chest.  It is these areas, unfortunately, that are often even harder to treat than facial acne.  Many products that can be effective at treating facial acne may not be quite so effective at treating acne on the back and cheat.  It also doesn’t help that these areas of the body are nearly always in contact with clothing which can lead to even more irritation and worsen the condition of the acne. 

The treatment for back and chest acne is similar to the way you would treat facial acne.  It is important to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the infected areas.  Washing twice a day with non perfumed PH neutral soap and water can ease the infection.  Applying topical treatments to the back may of course be more difficult than applying the same creams to the face.

It is important to be aware of the types of clothing you are wearing with regards to back acne.  Remember tight clothing can cause sweating and natural oil production from the skin and this could lead to even more outbreaks of back acne or worsen the symptoms of the acne you already have.

There are other areas in your day to day routine that could be causing irritation to your back acne.  For example, heavy backpacks that are worn across the shoulders and upper back.  If you have acne between the shoulders on the upper back this could be irritated by the added pressure of the backpack.  Perhaps you could use a shoulder bag until the symptoms of your back acne have cleared.  Another point to remember is the type of detergent you use on you clothes and also bubble bath and other perfumed products that could be making contact with your skin.  Perfumed products can aggravate and worsen acne conditions so it is always best to avoid them, just until the acne has cleared.

The first step in treating back acne and acne to the chest depends on the severity of the condition.  It is always best to contact a dermatologist who can offer guidance and assistance in how best to treat the type and severity of acne that you have.  They will be able to give you advice based on your own individual skin type, lifestyle and diet, and thus give you the best cure for you.


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