Genital Acne

Genital acne is by no way or means a sexual related disease, however it is equally embarrassing.  If you find that you are too embarrassed to seek medical advice from your doctor then the following will give you some basic guidelines on how you can minimise the genital acne without having to embarrass yourself at the doctors.

Genital acne or Folliculitis can appear in both men and women.  Unfortunately it is not affected by age or race which means that anyone at anytime may develop genital acne.  The best ways to treat genital acne is by using topical ointments or a good antibacterial soap.  Laser treatment is possible on the genital area but would be most uncomfortable as the skin around the genitals is so sensitive.  Only contemplate laser treatment as a last resort.

So, what causes acne in the genital area?  There are a number of things that can be blamed for acne on or around the genital area.  The first thing is underwear; having dirty underwear obviously could lead to an acne breakout.  Tight fitting underwear can also lead to acne, when underwear is tight it can cause the body to sweat more and this can lead to irritation and acne.

Another cause of genital acne is bad hygiene.  If you don’t wash your genital areas regularly and properly a build up of bacteria and sweat can cause a breakout of acne, especially if they’re frequently exposed to external elements such as sand and sea water. 

The last thing to consider when discovering genital acne is washing powder.  It is possible for the detergent used in washing powder to cause an irritation in the most sensitive areas of your body.

When deciding on a treatment for your genital acne you may first want to consider using an antibacterial soap.  Antibacterial cleansers are a good, safe first choice and are specifically formulated for use on delicate areas.  Using an antibacterial soap may actually help and you will not have to proceed down the medicated acne treatment route.




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