Herbal Acne Treatments

Herbal acne treatments have been formulated over many years, based on research of herbs and plants. It has been long known that there anr many herbs which can help with skin care.

Herbal acne treatments have many benefits, especially for any older acne sufferers who find that their skin does not respond to acne products which are made for the skin of a teenager.

The list of herbs which can treat acne is quite long but one of the more well know herbs is Aloe Vera.

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The medicinal qualities of this plant are well known and Aloe Vera is even under going test to see if it can help in the fight against cancer. Aloe Vera works best when mixed with other oils which help cure acne.

One of the more recent front runners in the herbal acne cure solutions is an ingredient called Saw palmetto extract. It has been tested for many other medical conditions and seems that by managing hormones, it may be able to quell acne.

The use of vitamins has been also known to help. Zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin B help with skin care and the repair of any damaged skin caused by acne.

The real quality of natural treatments is simply this: You know EXACTLY what it contains. No hidden chemicals which may have side effects. If you look at the list of ingredients in some acne treatments, you most likely will not have heard of many of the chemicals which have made the product. And then you put it on your skin!

Many herbal acne treatments can be purchased from health food stores or by mail order, so they are easy to obtain.

You should also try to watch what you eat as your diet can play a part in your fight against acne. Try not to eat too many processed foods and opt for more natural items such as fruit and vegetables.

If you unsure about what would be right for you, find a medical professional to speak with as more and more of them are now recommending herbal acne treatments.

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