Laser Surgery For The Removal Of Acne Scars

Laser surgery is one of the most expensive treatments available to treat acne, on the market.  One session alone can cost in excess of One hundred pounds and unfortunately several treatments would be required to make any noticeable difference to the acne.   

When considering Laser treatment you must be aware of all the pros and cons and also make sure that you have tried alternative treatments that are on the market.  Not only can some of these products be a lot cheaper they can also have just the same desired effect as the laser treatment.

Acne Laser treatment works by limiting the growth of the bacteria that causes acne.  It also reduces the secretion of sebaceous oil. The laser beam is able to seal, cut and remove infected skin tissues.  Because the laser beam is small, the dermatologist will treat each individual spot and lesion; this means that the treatment can be varied depending on the severity and age of each acne lesion.

Acne Laser surgery is neither a quick fix nor fast working acne cure.  Laser surgery may not completely get rid of acne but inevitably it will make a remarkable difference to the appearance of the skin.  But be warned, some acne laser treatments can take years before the full effects begin to show.

Treatments for laser acne removal that are available today are Ablative Laser Treatment and Non-Ablative Laser Treatment.  The first treatment, Ablative, uses its laser to resurface the skin in one method.  The laser heats up and actually burns away the top skin cells and tissue.  This surgery can make a great difference to the appearance of acne.

The second treatment, Non-Ablative, is non-wounding.  This laser surgery is painless and harmless and can be done during a patients lunch breaks and has very few, if any, side effects.  This is a popular choice of acne laser surgery but you will find that the results will vary.  Not as effective as the Ablative but obviously far less painful, Non-Ablative laser surgery is a good option for acne removal.




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