More on Baby Acne

It can be a most upsetting time for first time parents who have waited anxiously for nine months for the little perfect bundle of joy to arrive.  The discovery of small white spots on their baby’s cheeks is not something they were expecting and can be quite alarming.

Baby Acne also known as Infantile Acne is very common, and not something to worry about.  Most often it appears as small white heads on the baby’s cheeks, chin and forehead.  Baby Acne can develop between the ages of two weeks and two months of age and can remain until the baby is between four and six months of age.

It is thought to be the mother’s hormones that cause baby acne.  Whilst the mother is carrying the baby the baby becomes exposed to hormones within the mother.  The baby absorbs these hormones and it is these that cause the baby acne.  Over time the baby loses the hormones and the acne will go away.  Time is the best cure for baby acne.

Baby acne appears worse than it actually is, there are some things that you SHOULD NOT do and they are: 

  • Do not add lotion or oil to baby acne as this can make the condition worse
  • Do not try to prick or squeeze the baby acne

Here are a few things that may help to reduce the appearance of baby acne.  They are:

  • Washing the baby with non-perfumed mild soap (PH neutral) and water

     (Perfumed products can cause irritation to any form of acne)

  • Using a mild washing detergent for baby’s clothes can also help.  There are many products available on the market today.

The main thing to remember about the discovery of baby acne is not to panic.  Over a third of all baby’s develop Infantile Acne and you are not alone.

You should however, be concerned if the baby acne doesn’t disappear after six months of age.  At this point it is best to contact your local family doctor or pediatrician.



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