Can Steam Be Good For Acne?

If you have become exasperated with your acne condition and you have found yourself willing to try almost anything to treat it, then you should definitely try using steam against the affected areas of your skin.   It is very surprising, but the truth is, steam actually really does work! Not only does it work, but it works well!

Steam has the effect of opening the skins pores.  Heat opens pores and cold makes the contract.  Once the steam has opened your pores, the moisture will soak into them and cleanse them of the nasty bacteria that cause acne.  Also another effect of the steam is to make you sweat.  Sweat can act as a cleaning agent because it contains sodium.  Sodium helps to fight bacteria.  With every steam treatment you will find that your skin improves and before long you will say goodbye to that stubborn, unsightly acne.

Steam facials should be used two to three times a week in order to gain the most benefits form using it.  You should always make sure that your skin is thoroughly cleansed prior to using the steam.  Using a good ph neutral soap and lukewarm water will make sure any excess oil and dirt are removed from your skin.  After using a steam treatment you will need to wash again but this time using your preferred or prescribed medication.  The cleansing of the pores using the steam will help your medication sink deep into your pores allowing them to work better and more efficiently.

Many people believe that if you overuse steam treatments you can actually worsen your acne condition.  This is true, if you use a steam treatment on your skin more than three times a week your skin can dry out.  Once the skin has become dry, more oil will build up and this will inevitably lead to clogged pores and acne.  The only sure fire way to avoid this happening to you is to only use a steam treatment for a maximum of three times a week and remember….you can have too much of a good thing!


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