Some Treatments for Acne

There are lots of treatments for helping you deal with your acne.  This article will try to provide some information on the best natural treatments for acne that are currently available.

Applied Therapeutics:

This applied therapeutics acne treatment is actually a treatment that contains the highest content of Salicylic acid that is allowed for acne treatment.  As one of the better acne treatments on the market at the moment, this treatment can provide excellent results in short periods of time providing moisturizing properties for the skin; it also acts as an effective acne control.

Derma Cleanse System:

The Derma Cleanse system is another highly regarded treatment for acne.  This is a topical and internal treatment that not only has preventative measures it also can cure the acne.  This treatment treats the acne as a biomedical disease and along with helping to clear the acne also tomes and detoxifies the skin.  The other great properties of this treatment are that it is made with all natural ingredients, meaning that side effects are reduced.

Laser Surgery:

Laser surgery is mostly used to removing scarring left by bad cases of acne, but not many people know that it can also be used as a treatment.  Laser surgery is one of the most costly treatments, costing anything upwards on one hundred pounds per session.  You would need several sessions in order to achieve any visible results.

As well as the above medicated prescriptions there are also several home made remedies you could try.  Orange and Lemon juice are excellent skin cleaners and can reduce the redness and swollenness of pimples and acne.  Another great acne remedy is oatmeal.  Similar to the orange and lemon juice the oatmeal draws out the bacteria under the skin and cleanses deep down leaving the acne looking less red and clearer.  For both treatments apply liberally to the face and leave to dry for fifteen to twenty minutes before washing away with clear, warm water.

Diet and exercise can also help to prevent and maintain the appearance of acne.  Drinking plenty of fresh water helps the body to flush dirt and grease out of the skins pores and therefore prevents the build up of bacteria causing acne.



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