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Many of us hate to have acne and for the younger generation, it can be a blight on their young life. This is why many people will seek an easy option and go for an acne cream treatment.

As we already know, acne appears due to a boost in the hormones in the body. The usual time this happens is during the teenage years but can last long into adult life. These hormones bring on sebum which forms a blockade in the pores of the skin.

But many of us believe acne occurs when we do not take proper care for our skin. This is not always the case. Sometimes, our diets may need adjusting to reduce the fats and increase the fruit and vegetables. This alone can be a great benefit.

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Acne cream treatments have been around for a few years now and you can see them in most drug stores across the country. The main ingredient in many of the creams is Benzoyl peroxide. This ingredient was first used over 80 years ago by the Revlon company. It has antibacterial qualities which may cause some dryness but this will aid to remove any dead skin cells.

Benzoyl peroxide also helps to clean the pores of the skin and most people will usually see good results in anything from a few weeks to two months or so. Any longer than this and it may be worth seeking the advice of a doctor.

As with any medications, read the label and stick to what it says by applying only the recommended amount. This is for your own safety.

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