Acne Natural Treatments

It is a fact that more than 8 out of 10 teenagers will need to deal with acne.

Even worse is that for the really unlucky ones, acne will carry on well into adult life.

But there are some Acne natural treatments that are very effective to help with the problem.

Most natural treatments have been around for decades, some have been around for centuries!

In the past, many of the natural based treatments have been overlooked be the medical profession but things have changed.

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Research shows that Acne natural treatments do work and can show some great results. They are also a viable alternative to drugs and chemicals.

There are many ways to treat acne by natural methods. Sometimes, changing the diet can work. Eating more healthy foods and drink plenty of water regularly will get a result.

Other natural solutions involve using Jojoba oil, which can be purchased from many health food stores. This oil makes a good starter for many treatments. You can add lavender, tea tree oil and juniper. All of these oils can also be used with a coconut oil or almond oil.

As well as this, Zinc will also help combat acne. Other vitamins for acne include vitamin A and B. In research, Vitamin A has shown to be effective in treating many skin diseases and Vitamin B will help lower cholesterol.

A famous natural ingredient is Aloe Vera. This is also a good weapon against acne. It has many healing properties and is used all over the world in food, medicine and beauty treatments.

And the best thing about many acne natural treatments is that they are cost effective, coming in much cheaper than many chemicals or man made acne treatments.




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