How Do I Get Rid of Old Acne Scars?

Yes, this is a question that many people ask when they have suffered from acne in the past but the scars are still present.

You need to remember that it is not easy to get rid of acne scars but you may be able to make them less visible.

However, before deciding on any treatment, you need to identify what type of acne scars you have as there are variations. Two of the more common scars are called ice pick scars and pigmented scars.

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The ice pick scars are the type of scar that look like valleys on your skin surface. Usually caused by picking at the acne when it was at its most rampant. Ice pick scars are all different depths from shallow to fairly deep.

The pigmented scar is normally not so visible as the ice pick scar. They are more like blemishes which are in place of where the acne once was.

There are other types of acne scarring so you may need to see a dermatologist to help identify the exact type and to ask advice on what would be the best treatment for your individual needs. Types of treatment will vary from simple home remedies to surgery if the scarring is real bad.

Acne scarring will effect different people in different ways. What you need to ask yourself is the scarring really that bad? Some folks can live with it if the scarring does not effect there life but some of us are more self conscious than others. You need to be realistic about the scarring if it is not to bad.

But if you feel you wish to seek treatment, there are many options. The list of treatments is long and can include laser treatment, fat transfer and skin surgery to more natural and homeopathic solutions. The natural treatments are now more popular than ever so try to research all of them before you and/or a specialist make a decision on what is the right treatment for you.

Remember, most treatments may be unable to remove all acne scarring completely but should be able to reduce the appearance of them.

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